Lawn Services

Lawn Mowing

We provide lawn mowing services in and around the Columbia area. We provide weekly, biweekly mowing services. We can even customize your lawn service for those who can mow when your home. We take great pride in our work. You will be happy to have us mowing for you.

Spring & Fall Cleanup

Spring and fall clean ups are a great way to spruce up your lawn. We can remove all the leaves from your lawn. Pick up sticks and cut out dead foliage from your flower beds.


Mulching makes your home look fresh and inviting. We can add fresh mulch to your flower beds and trees. Sometimes old mulch needs to be removed. We can remove it. We can also add fresh soil to your beds to help with long plant life.


We can spice up your flower beds. If you like to buy your own flowers that’s fine! We can come plant them for you. We can come out and take a look at your flower beds and help determine what will fit best in those beds. We do tree planting, tree trimming, pruning flowers and shrub planting

Leaf Removal

We can completely remove all leaves and debris from your lawn. All the way down to the dirt! We blow them to the street and use our billy goat vacuum system to remove them. It looks great when we are done.

Snow Removal

We provide snow removal for residential homes. We also provide snow removal for commercial accounts. Fair pricing with excellent customer feed back on our work.

benefit 1

Benefit #1

The number one reason you should use D & D Professional Mowing is that your lawn will look the best on the street. We add stripes in every yard we can. We do not mow in the same direction each week. We trim and edge all the areas needed. We blow off all debris that is left and blow areas that need it. Every lawn is not the same. Therefore, we learn your lawn and what is best for it.

benefit 2

Benefit #2

The second reason you should choose us is so that you don’t have to mow yourself! It takes the work out of having a beautiful lawn.

benefit 3

Benefit #3

We care about our clients. We are a small business. Your service will be provided by the same team members each week. That way if something changes, we will know. If you have elderly parents and you don’t have time to mow for them, we can do it. We take time to do the little things that matter. Should you need a heavy flower pot moved, we can do it. You need a pile of sticks removed, we can do it. We enjoy each of our clients. As we hope you enjoy us.

D&D Mowing was recommended to us several years ago, and after a bad experience with another firm, were ready to switch. We found Dan and his crew to be professional people who not only mowed and cared for our lawn beautifully, they did other jobs for us when we requested it. They were also timely and cost-effective. I would recommend them to anyone.

- Szasz B.

Your lawn is more than dirt and grass – it’s your outdoor living space and the face you present to the world.

Get in Touch!

You can mow and water, and have us handle just the seasonal chores – or we can do it all. It’s up to you. If you need occasional mowing (for example, when you’re going to be out of town for an extended period), we can handle that too. Please get in touch two or three weeks in advance if at all possible. Call us at (573) 696-3540 or send us a message!